KPQG Community Service Project 2019: Quilts for Healthy Families, Kokomo Police Department, & Veterans Home

During the year as a KPQG community service project, our members may make quilts to donate to the Kokomo Police Department; Healthy Families, a program of the Howard County Family Service Association; and Jackson Street Commons Veterans Home in Kokomo.

The quilts are presented at the November KPQG membership meeting to a representative of Healthy Families and of the KPD. We deliver the quilts to the Jackson Street Commons Veterans Home. You may learn more here.

This year we collected 157 donated quilts and presented 59 to the KPD, 85 to Healthy Families, and 13 to the Veterans Home! Thank you to the many KPQG members for their generous gift of service and many hours of sewing/quilting. Here is a sampling of the quilts:

KPQG Nov 2019 donation quilts - a

KPQG Nov 2019 donation quilts - b

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