“Metamorphosis” reimagined clothing as art quilts on display at Kokomo-Howard County Public Library downtown through October 2019

Art quilts created by local fiber artist Lana Kirtley are on display in the main gallery of the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library downtown through October. The quilts in the collection “Metamorphosis” are made with clothing she reimagined into art quilts. Here are two examples from the collection:

BLUE SPINNERLana’s other reimagined art quilts on display for you to enjoy and to inspire you are:

  • Blueberries and Lime:  a man’s plaid shirt
  • Bricks:  a soft, cotton knit ladies top
  • Southwest Diamonds:  a light and airy fabric gathered skirt
  • Purple Pinwheels:  a purple patterned ladies blouse with large black speckles and some white
  • Waterlilies:  a nurse’s floral designed scrub shirt
  • Neutral Geometry:  a three-tiered gathered ladies skirt with two different patterned fabrics
  • Made in Macao:  a man’s shirt with large block design and puffy sleeves
  • Hawaiian Floral:  a ladies soft, rayon fabric, long summer dress
  • Dots and Dashes:  a ladies soft and silky fabric blouse

Lana Kirtley is a member of the Kokomo Piecemakers Quilt Guild.


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