KPQG Saturday Workshop – September 29, 2018 | open for members and nonmembers | note changes in location & other

It is time for the Saturday,  KPQG workshop that follows the KPQG membership meeting. You are welcome to come and enjoy sewing, have fun with others, and snack on goodies. Open to both members and nonmembers. Come at anytime between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

For this Saturday workshop, the location is at  the Kokomo Howard County Public Library (KHCPL), Main, Downtown, 220 North Union Street, 46901.

Also, we are sorry that at the main library location, there will be no sewing machines, pressing stations or cutting mats available for you to use.  Please bring your own sewing machine, iron and pressing mat, and cutting mat and tools, if you need to use them.

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