Why have a quilt appraised?

Why have a quilt appraised

  • To establish a replacement value for insurance purposes.
  • To meet your insurance company’s requirements for a Fine Arts Rider.
  • To proved a written record for your family.
  • To provide a written valuation when giving a gift for a wedding, baby quilt, etc.
  • To determine fair market value for sale of a quilt.
  • To determine value for donation, gift, or estate purposes.

Insurance/replacement value

Is what the appraiser found in the marketplace that would satisfy the loss of your quilt. It does not reflect what you could get for that particular quilt if you sold it, but rather what you would pay to obtain a replacement in like and kind.

Fair Market Value

Is the price at which a quilt would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller with neither being under any pressure to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of the item. The price you can reasonably expect to agree on in the present market.

DonnaKooistra, Heirloom Appraisals, is an AQS Certified Appraiser of Quilted Textiles.

Donna will be at the KPQG Quilt Show, Quilts Along the Wildcat, to offer written appraisals and verbal consultations on site. Written appraisals:  $60.00; Verbal Consultation:  $30.00.

Pre-show signups for quilt appraisals will occur at the August and September KPQG meetings.

  • KPQG Members:  If the quilt you want appraised is displayed/hanging in the show, you must prepay for the appraisal at the time you sign up to have it appraised. You must also complete Donna’s form and either turn it in at the meeting or bring it with the quilt when you drop it off on Thursday, the day before the show begins. Make checks payable to KPQG QS.
  • Walk-ins:  If the quilt you want appraised is not hanging in the show, you may sign up for a time on Friday or Saturday, take your quilt to Donna’s booth at the quilt show, fill out her form, and pay Donna directly for the appraisal.


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